About my art

My artistic practice explores the transitional effect of light through glass, which creates a synergy that transforms static installations into works that are dynamic and responsive to their environments. I mainly use reclaimed Cornish slate to forge a solid design structure, working with the natural diurnal and seasonal rhythms to realise the concept.

I often hand cast reclaimed non-ferrous metals and sculpt stone offcuts for inclusion in sculptures and tables. I favour reclaimed materials because they bring their own character and stories to pieces, and because it helps minimise the environmental impact of my work.

It can be hard to find reclaimed glass of the size and quality necessary for my work, so most of my glass is hand chosen from specialist or artisan suppliers with a specific purpose in mind. Each work is unique and cannot be replicated.

I am strongly influenced by the stunning natural environment surrounding my workshop on the north Cornish coast, as well as my childhood in Africa and travels since.

I exhibit nationally, with sculptures in 2021 being shortlisted for the Wells Art Contemporary where I came second in the People Vote, and for the Regeneration Exhibition and Ashburner Prize at Stone Lane Gardens on Dartmoor.

I also accept commissions, details of which can be found on my here.



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